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Jaco's Services

For over 30 years Jaco Waterproofing has been serving the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana areas. Our courteous and professional staff can help you on your project. Here is a list of our foundation waterproofing and repair services.

Basement Crack RepairBasement Crack Repair

Concrete basement walls that are cracked can be easily repaired from the inside of your home. Our trained technicians will quickly stop the water that is leaking through your basement crack.

Basement WaterproofingBasement Waterproofing

Get your wet basement back so that you can enjoy the possibilites of a finished basement. The professionals at Jaco will recommend a fix to fit your budget. Start today by calling Jaco to get a free estimate on your basement waterproofing project.

Brick SealingBrick Sealing

Unsealed bricks can let water into your home or building.  Jaco seals both commercial and residential buildings to stop water leaks.

Commercial WaterproofingCommercial Waterproofing

Every year Jaco waterproofs many commercial projects for the areas largest builders. No project is too big or small for Jaco.

Concrete Driveway SealingConcrete Driveway Sealing

Driveways made of decorative or natural concrete can be protected from de-icing salt, water and wear by Jaco.

Concrete LiftingConcrete Lifting

Concrete steps, patios, driveways, and sidewalks that have settled can be economically lifted and leveled.

Crawl Space Waterproofing and Repair

Jaco can protect the air quality of your home by encapsulating the crawl space.

Foundation StabilizationFoundation Stabilization

Foundations that are settling and sinking can pose a safety risk for your home. Get your invesment back by having Jaco shore up you foundation.

Foundation WaterproofingFoundation Waterproofing

Start your new home off right by waterproofing the foundation. Protecting the basement at the time of building gives you the peace of mind that your belongings will be safe. Jaco can offer a solution to meet any projects budget.