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Jaco Lexington Service Area

Bourbon County, Ky

Millersburg, KY  North Middletown, KY  Paris, KY  Cane Ridge, KY  Clintonville,KY  Little Rock,KY  Ruddles Mills, KY   Centerville, KY


Clark County, KY

Becknerville, KY   Bloomingdale, KY  Winchester, KY   Pilot View, KY  Goffs, KY   Corner, KY  Combs, KY  Ferry, KY   Lyndale, KY  Trapp,KY   Ford,KY   Colby, KY


Fayette County, KY

Athens, KY  Clays Ferry,KY   Lexington, KY   Little Texas,KY   South Elkhorn,KY   Andover,KY   Todds Station, KY


Madison County, KY

Boonesboro, KY   Berea,KY  Richmond, KY  Waco, KY


Montgomery County, KY

Camargo, KY  Jeffersonville, KY  Mount Sterling, KY  Judy, KY


Powell County, KY

Clay City, KY   Stanton, KY  Slade, KY