Lexington, KY Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Contractor

    Jaco has been waterproofing & repairing foundations and basements for over 30 years in the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana areas. We are a professional basement waterproofing contractor with a trained and courteous staff. We can repair any basement or foudation that your home may have.

    Jaco Waterproofing can waterproof any foundation, basement, tunnel, deck or elevator pit on both residential and commercial projects. Our trained and certified technicians will provide you with the correct solution for your waterproofing need

    We also can waterproof brick buildings. The exterior brick can be sealed against water seepage.  This will stop water from getting into the structure and cause internal damage.  Our brick sealing crew will quickly get your job done.

    If you have a leaking crack in your concrete basement, Jaco has a fast and economical repair for you.

    Here are our other services;

    Leaking Basement Crack Repair

    Do you want a fast, economical and easy repair of your concrete basement wall crack?  Jaco can inject it and stop the water from coming in.  Typical repair times is about an hour per 8' crack.

    Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Sealing

    Concrete driveways can be damaged by de-icing salt attack.  Jaco will apply a breathable concrete driveway sealer that helps preserve your concrete driveway.  We can also seal the concrete patio or sidewalk.

    Waterproofing Basements

    Is your basement leaking water through cracks in the block, floor joint widows or other intrusion into the basement?  Jaco has experienced and professional repair technicians to fix any problem in your leaking basement.  We offer free estimates on all of our basement waterproofing projects.


    Brick Sealing

    The brick on buildings is porous and lets in water.  We can seal brick with an invisible brick sealer that will not change the appearance of the building.

    Foundation Piering

    Foundations that have settled, cracked, or bowed may be signs of a structural defect in your building.  Our trained staff can rescue your foundation using either push piers or helical piers in a process called foundation stabilization.

    Concrete Lifting

    Replacing sunken and cracked concrete driveways, patios, steps or sidewalks is much more expensive than lifting the concrete.  Concrete lifting levels the old problem area concrete and maintains the same color.

    Commercial Waterproofing

    Jaco is certified by many manufacturers to use all different types of waterproofing.  Your commercial waterproofing project such as a school, elevator, retail store, or industrial center will be waterproofed by professionals.

    Residential Foundation Waterproofing

    Are you building a new home or addition?  Then start your project off right with a waterproof foundation.  Treating the foundation walls before you build means that musty odors, water vapor and water will be kept out of the basementliving area.

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